Why Companies Need Us

Companies come to Tryon Capital Ventures seeking to increase their financial stability, grow their business, or find a suitable exit strategy to sell their business. We do our best work with companies who are at a significant point of change in their life cycle. Whether they are experiencing a lull in growth or entering an entirely new or unique market, they are seeking outside counsel to help steer the course of their business. This is where Tryon Capital Ventures excels.

Tryon Capital Ventures listens to companies that have been deemed either too young or have been too damaged by the more conventional and conservative sources of help. We see companies that have been rejected by traditional banks and who are unwilling to accept the terms of the Venture Capital Community. At Tryon Capital Ventures, we believe that an enduring need exists for smart individual money in virtually any business deal. Our job is to translate the needs of our client firms into terms understandable and desirable to our network of investors who are looking for companies in which to invest.

Tryon Capital Ventures selects its ventures clients, and investors carefully. We will not take an assignment with a company if we do not think we can bring greater value to that company. And we accept only clients that see a need for our multi-faceted, interactive plan for their company.