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Welcome to Tryon Capital.

Tryon Capital is a banking firm located in Research Triangle Park, NC, uniquely participating in the business funding, planning and operations of our clients’ companies. Our type of financial firm is known as a Merchant Bank and has roots dating back centuries.

Unlike the typical short-term relationships of more conservative financial institutions, a Merchant Banking relationship is much more interactive. In addition to understanding all facets of financing, a Merchant Banker also brings an understanding of the clients’ product, industry, and operations management.

As a Merchant Banker, Tryon Capital has a deep knowledge of, and over 50 years’ experience with, the many aspects of the capital markets arena. Our mission is to re-energize and stimulate struggling early-stage, middle sized companies by combining analyses, strategy, people and money. With a deep understanding of capital limitations and risks, we provide the best sources of capital to meet the specific needs of any company or entrepreneur, structuring transactions that are beneficial to all sides.